Causes of Diabetes and the Prevention

The diabetes mellitus also known as the sugar diabetes is a condition which occurs when a body does not use glucose which is a type of sugar normally. Glucose gives energy to our bodies as the main source, which is essential to our body cells. The glucose levels in our body are controlled by a special hormone called insulin, which is made by the pancreas. Through the insulin-glucose enters the cells of the body.

When the pancreas cannot take enough insulin this is called type 1 diabetes or the body cannot respond well or normally to the insulin this is called Type 2 diabetes. This will cause the glucose levels in the blood to be high, and this leads to symptoms such as, an increase in the number of times one urinates, extreme and unexplained weight loss, feeling extremely thirsty and much more.

There are various types of diabetes, and they include the type 1 diabetes which was known as insulin-dependent diabetes. In this is an auto-immune disease whereby the body's immune system will destroy most of the insulin-producing cells in the body's pancreas. This disease can also be called juvenile-onset diabetes, and it affects about 10-15% of the people. This diabetic type can affect people of all ages although it mostly affects people under the age of 40 years and the most common trigger is the environmental factors, for example, diets, chemicals and other things in people who are genetically predisposed. People with diabetic type one have to inject themselves with insulin many times every day and then stick to a diet plan and an exercising plan.  Read to know more about glucometer.

The other type of diabetes is the type 2, which is also called the non-insulin dependent diabetes and is the most common type of diabetes which affects 85-90% of all people who suffer from this disease. It is usually characterized by insulin resistance and insulin deficiency. It can also be referred to as late-onset diabetes. It is a genetic type of a disease, but can also be caused by other factors, like being overweight, high blood pressures, poor dieting and being inactive. People who have diabetic 2 type most likely suffer cardiovascular disease.  You can manage this disease changing your diet, taking tablets and exercising. Later there might be a need to use the insulin injections. Know about blood glucose test here!

There is also the Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Also referred to as the carbohydrate intolerance and it occurs in pregnant women. It can occur to people with a history of diabetic type 2 in their family lineage. Ways in which you can prevent diabetes is by eating right and having the right diet. Do diabetes blood test here!